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Who we are

Digital Impact & helps socially responsible businesses, non-profits, and elected officials to elevate their story online and maximize the potential of the online space to meet their organizations, businesses, or campaign goals. We view ourselves as an extension of your communications team and are dedicated to ensuring your organization has all the components and infrastructure needed to successfully achieve real measurable results. 

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Why the &?

While our specialty is our six core services, Digital Impact & works with our clients to ensure they have everything they need, all the components and infrastructure needed to successfully achieve real measurable results. This might mean that a client has hired us for a digital advertising program but lacks the social media infrastructure, tracking, or approvals to implement the program. In this case, we will set up your ad program and social media infrastructure and help your internal staff implement an organic program as a part of our work. 

Our Process

Formulate Your Approach

by developing a holistic program to reach your objectives from concept, to strategy, to implementation.

Build Your Brand

by telling your story with an authentic voice & creating supportive messaging to engage your audience.

Create Your Presence

by designing creatives & campaigns that stand out & resonate with your audience.

Innovate Your Outreach

by using digital & traditional channels to amplify your message & build long-term relationships.

Broaden Your Audience

by creating relevant & engaging content that motivates your audiences to take action.

Meet Our People

Jeremy Addis Mills


Diane Castañeda

Director of Client Relations and Project Management

Hurrican Troung

Creative Manager

Brianna Zantman

Client Relationship & Project Manager

Let's make an impact