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How to Create Great Instagram Captions

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Being on social media is a full time job, and if you want your business or brand to grow you have to be constantly engaging with your audience.

When creating content for social media, purpose is the KEY. You need to give your audience something of value that will make them fall in love with your account and keep them coming back. 

7 tips on how to create engaging Instagram captions

1. Tell a story

Social media is all about building relationships, and followers connect with personal stories, especially if you are a small business. Make sure that people know there is a person behind the account and the business, not a robot. 

2. Ask questions

Finish your captions with a question that relates to your product, blog post, service, or story. For example, if your blog post is about traveling, ask your followers “What is your favorite place to visit?” or “What has been your most memorable trip?”.  Bring people into the conversation, and make sure to respond to the comments! Remember, it’s all about creating relationships.

3. Share an inspirational quote

Check if you can connect it to a popular hashtag of the day or a holiday.

4. Don’t be afraid to be silly or funny

Of course this depends on your brand, and be sure not to cross the line to being offensive. Maybe crack a little dad-joke, show your followers you can be fun! Oh and use emojis as well (not too many though!). 

5. Even if you are trying to sell a product, don’t use the world SALE all of the time

Create a lifestyle, try selling with stories, add a customer testimonial, describe what is special about the product, or tell people how they can use the product.

6. Check your analytics

Based on your analytics, figure out which captions your followers have been engaging with the most. 

7. Don’t make all your posts long

People don’t have time to read long captions. Unless your followers are super involved in the story you’re telling, they will most likely read for just a few seconds.



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