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Digital Advertising Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

Digital advertising is always evolving. Naturally some aspects of digital advertising, like the importance of writing engaging ad copy and designing creatives that stand out, will remain the same, but digital advertising platforms and customer behavior are in a constant flux of change.

Here’s the digital marketing trends we’re most excited about in 2021.

Video advertising

Video marketing has been a rising trend already for a few years and we see no end in sight. According to studies, consumers prefer to learn about new products and services by watching short videos rather than reading lengthy descriptions. Whether companies are using YouTube, TikTok or any other platform, we expect to see more short and informal videos as well as live videos in the future. 


Consumers are not interested in generic ads. They want personalized experiences and tailored recommendations. Not so long ago, some people considered it creepy if a product they viewed in an online store kept on following them on other websites and social media. Nowadays, we take Netflix’s tailored recommendations for granted and appreciate companies that know our taste and make suggestions based on our past purchase history. 


Many companies are already using chatbots and we expect to see much more of them in 2021. It is easy to see why companies like chatbots so much. They are on 24/7, they can respond to people immediately, and they can answer simple questions so that your customer service can focus on more complex situations. Chatbots can provide excellent customer service experiences as long as they are programmed correctly and can give people the answers they are looking for. 

Shoppable posts

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest used to be all about discovery. People would go to these platforms to get ideas and inspiration. Thanks to shoppable posts, customers can now make purchases directly on social media without having to leave the platform they are on. We predict that shoppable posts will be one of the biggest social media and ecommerce trends this year. 

Augmented reality 

With augmented reality potential customers can test products before purchasing them. We’ve seen especially beauty and fashion brands taking advantage of this technology, but predict that more companies will test it out this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our shopping habits and people prefer to make purchases from the comfort of their own home. Being able to test products and services at home makes it easier for customers to visualize what they will get. 



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