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person watching the Wave livestream on a tablet

WAVE Fundraiser

Case Study

Role: Video Production and Live Event Producer

Deliverables: Capture, edit, and broadcast annual fundraising events

The Outcome: Raised fundraising goal at this virtual event with almost 100 people participating

The Challenge

The client was looking to maintain their signature annual “Light the Way” fundraising event. The complication is they wanted to integrate a panel on domestic hate groups that included panelists that could not attend the event live. They also wanted to ensure that their house parties could watch this event in the comfort of their homes.

Our Approach

We started by working with the WAVE’s team to adapt their current schedule for the event into something more conducive to an online broadcast. We set up and coordinated the “live to tape” recording of the expert panel interviews additional to all the other participants at the event. We eventually cut the entire event together to be run from tape and broadcast live onto Youtube for the event. The broadcasting of pre-made video content minimizes risk of any issues by doing all the production live

The Impact

 WAVE was able to raise the goal of the event doing this virtual during the COVID pandemic. Overall, most guests enjoyed the event and were excited to attend. This was our second event for WAVE. We also helped them conduct a virtual fundraiser “Vote of Our Lifetime” to support 2020 election efforts.  

Livestream Videos