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Vinyl Junkies record store from the outside

Vinyl Junkies

Case Study

Role: Digital Advertising Strategist and Web Designer

Deliverables: Design, implement, and optimize ongoing digital advertising campaigns (Display, Search)

The Outcome: Increased website traffic 150% and generated more record selling requests.

The Challenge

Vinyl Junkies Record Shack has spent a lot of time curating the perfect in-person shopping experience. This colorful and cool atmosphere is accented with mid-century decor inside and includes a tiki-themed patio in the back for live events. Unfortunately, the store’s online presence was not reflective of this same carefully curated vibe. As a used record seller, Vinyl Junkies wanted to optimize the website design to help them build and maintain a lead generation funnel of people looking to sell their private record collections.

Our Approach

First, we started a complete redesign of the Vinyl Junkies website with a focus on capturing the brand vibe of the store. We also integrated and customized a third party ecommerce platform with the website. As a part of the process, we focused on SEO with all the content generated. We analyzed potential keywords that would drive seller traffic to Vinyl Junkies website and then focused on adapting content to match high potential search results.  Once the website was launched, we created a search advertising program on both Google and Bing to push up traffic and organic search results.

During the website redevelopment process, we also helped Vinyl Junkies promote themselves online via a livestreamed DJ gig from the store. The store organizes in-store performances on a regular basis, but all live events were cancelled in the spring of 2020 due to Covid-19. 

150% increase in the website traffic

Google search ads on top of the page 95% of the time

The shop receives more record selling calls

Livestreamed DJ gig seen by over 1,000 people

The Impact

After launching the search ads we’ve seen a 150% increase in the website traffic and Vinyl Junkies is receiving more calls from people wanting to sell their records. The search ads are on top of the page 95% of the time, clearly outranking the competitors in the market. In addition, the store has received a lot of positive feedback about it’s new website that allows people to purchase new records and merchandise directly online.

The Livestream

Vinyl Junkies livestream