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The Center

The Center

Case Study

Role: Web Designer/Builder and Host

Deliverables: Design a new website that focused on and the new improved the user experience and maximized SEO

The Outcome: The new website was launched in June 2021. 

The Challenge

The San Diego LGBT Community Center is an organization working to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and HIV communities. The Center’s website is an important and highly accessed tool by the San Diego LGBT community searching for health services, community events, and other resources. The design of the website had grown and evolved over time, but during that time the site lost its original user friendly design and SEO and it was never truly optimized for mobile traffic.  

Our Approach

We started the website redesign process by researching their current and likely audiences. We did this through evaluating current site traffic, keyword traffic gain and missed, and the current user behavior on the site. We also discussed with the Center staff why they felt members of the community came to their site.  Based on this information, we developed specific user profiles and created user paths to and through the website. Our final design was based on these user flows while we maintained the organization’s iconic brand in place.

The Impact

The Center’s website has a clean, modern look and traffic has increased on the deep pages on the site. With DI& hosting, the Center has maintained a number of our tools that allows their trained staff to maintain the site as they update it themselves.