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SynED team working together


Case Study

Role: Graphic Designer and Branding

Deliverables: Audience development, branding, and graphic design

The Outcome: Consistent brand, communications planning, and messaging across all organizations and platforms

The Challenge

Our client synED had issues with inconsistent messaging and branding among all it’s platforms and materials. As a result, the organization had determined that potential clients were having trouble identifying the core services and solutions that synED could provide to them.

Our Approach

The new print and digital marketing materials are being used at conferences and events to share information about synED to prospective clients. The new website (syned.org) has increased the prospective client user flow. SynED’s additional program websites (cyber-guild.org) carry independent program branding but now connect to SynED’s main brand. Since launching, the organization has reported a lot of positive feedback from current and potential clients based on these new materials and messaging.

170% increase in website traffic

300+ ReportOUT downloads

Created 15+ marketing materials

Positive feedback from current and potential clients

The Impact

Since the website was launched, synED has seen a 170% increase in their website traffic. In addition, the organization has received a lot of positive feedback from current and potential clients based on the new user experience. We have continued to work with synED by creating over 15 pieces of collateral material that have been distributed at in-person and online conferences, designed their quarterly online publication ReportOUT, redesigned their e-newsletter, and developed a brand style that is consistent across all platforms.