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Case Study

Role: Web Designer

Deliverables: New website, marketing materials, and a style guide

The Outcome: 170% increase in website traffic, consistent brand across all platforms

The Challenge

SynED is a non-profit organization that offers industry-specific knowledge and experience to craft effective strategies and solutions that drive performance, lower costs, and generate value in higher education. The organization’s biggest challenge was messaging. Their website didn’t fully reflect their mission and services, and potential clients didn’t understand all the ways in which synED could help them.

Our Approach

We worked directly with the synED team to better understand their mission and goals. We tightened the messaging and uplifted the design to reach their target audience. Using their already established brand-guidelines, we made a new and improved website with clean direct messaging combined with a user experience that allowed potential clients to discover how synED could help them. Once this site was done, synEd hired us to replicate this experience across other synEd project sites and collateral materials. 

170% increase in website traffic

Positive feedback from current and potential clients

The Impact

Since the website was launched, synED has seen a 170% increase in their website traffic. In addition, the organization has received a lot of positive feedback from current and potential clients based on the new user experience.