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Stronger San Diego

Stronger San Diego

Case Study

Role: Communications Director

Deliverables: Communications Strategy, Brand Development, Digital Ad Strategy, Creative Design

The Outcome: New brand identity, website, social media presence, digital advertising campaign

The Challenge

Our client, well-known as a homeless advocate, wanted to create a new advocacy brand and platform that was distinct from established homeless advocate branding. This new advocacy brand would push for real solutions to homelessness, hold local leaders accountable, and encourage voters to become more politically engaged around issues of homelessness.

Our Approach

We started our planning process with an in-depth conversation with the client to better understand his needs and wishes. We wanted the name to reflect on how San Diego would benefit from stakeholders working together. After some research, we landed on Stronger San Diego with a sun representing a brighter future for the whole city and it’s residents. This project included a website that focused on issue positions and targeted the positions of specific candidates running for the San Diego City Council. The final implementation of the program was both an organic social media and digital advertising program to advocate on behalf of and against certain candidates running for the City Council in 2018.

Reached close to 57,000 voters

Digital ads gained over 621,000 impressions

Established new brand identity

Helped a City Council candidate to win her race

The Impact

Stronger San Diego became a recognized brand with real life political influence. The digital ads gained over 621,000 impressions and reached close to 57,000 voters. The advertising campaign helped a City Council candidate to win her race and beat the incumbent.

Digital advertising for Stronger San Diego
Digital advertising for Stronger San Diego