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San Diego Organizing Project

San Diego Organizing Project

Case Study

Role: Digital advertiser and Online Organizer

Deliverables: Design a relational organizing engagement funnel and build an online activist network

The Outcome: By combining a relation organizing model and traditional advertising funnel, we built a series of audiences that the San Diego Organizing Project’s traditional organizing team would continue to engage with.

The Challenge

The San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP) wanted to do issue-based advocacy during the 2018 election cycle to ensure narratives around the environment, immigration, and criminal justice reform were in the mind of voters. The funnel needed to be built quickly and it needed to include an engagement funnel that not only built an organizational brand but also issue awareness while engaging and subdividing the target audience.

Our Approach

We designed a program that would first identify an issue area of interest among our broad target voter audience. We started with very generic messages around criminal justice reform, immigration, and the environment. Once a target identified an interest via ad engagements, we moved that target through a funnel that evolved a narrative towards more specific issue advocacy.

The Impact

The culmination of this funnel resulted in 4,497 bottom of the funnel conversions and $19,840 raised during the ad program portion of the campaign to raise money for the temporary migrants shelter in 2018. We deployed the San Diego Organizing Project’s immigration audience developed under this program to assist in raising those funds.  Overall SDOP’s online organizing audience grew by more than 25,000 with over 101,096 being reached by the SDOP brand during the final phase of the ad program.