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Representative Mike Levin town hall

Representative Mike Levin

Case Study

Role: Online Event Coordinator/Livestream Director

Deliverables: Hybrid and virtual event support for town halls

The Outcome: Conducted over 60 hybrid & 100% virtual town halls engaging constituents virtually. 

The Challenge

Representative Mike Levin wanted to maintain a direct communication and engagement with the community as the elected representative of North San Diego and South Orange County. Once elected, the Representative launched a series of in-person town halls but did not want to limit the participation to just the audience in the room. He wanted to turn the in-person events into hybrid ones. These events would eventually become 100% virtual during the Covid-19 shutdown. 

Our Approach

In early 2019, we developed a multi-platform simulcast hybrid event model to complement the Representatives’ community outreach strategy. During the early part of this program, Digital Impact & attended the town halls (14 total) all over the district, set-up video and audio equipment, and streamed the in-person events to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the Representative’s website. Once the Covid-19 shutdowns happened in 2020, we converted these events to a 100% virtual experience (38 total). Digital Impact & handled the overall production from remote speaker participation, studio editing, to simulcasting or livestreaming the event to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the Representative’s website.  

Over 157,000 total views

450% increase in viewership moving from hybrid to 100% virtual events

120% audience growth

Conducted 60 town halls

The Impact

As of mid-2021, DI& has helped the Representative to conduct more than 60 100% virtual and hybrid town halls. Each one of Representative Mike Levin’s town halls is viewed by over 1,000 people. During the coronavirus crisis, the town halls were available only online and we saw a significant increase in the reach and audience engagement with over 5,500 watching live the first virtual town hall and it gaining more than 325 comments. On average, the virtual town halls saw a 120% audience growth compared to the hybrid ones. These town halls not only strengthened Representative Levin’s reputation as a reliable and accountable elected official, they became a trusted regional resource for information on the Covid-19 pandemic and related shutdowns. These events were eventually expanded to include a podcast.


Mike Levin virtual town hall
Mike Levin virtual town hall
Mike Levin hybrid town hall
Town hall with Representatives Mike Levin and Katie Porter