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Dr. Akilah Weber website on a desktop

Dr. Akilah Weber

Case Study

Role: Website Developer and Communications Strategist

Deliverables: New website, updated logo, and branding

The Outcome: Dr. Akilah Weber was elected to the State Assembly with over 50% of the vote. We created an integrated multi-platform website that Dr. Weber can continue to use for connecting with her voters throughout her time in office and for her upcoming re-election.

The Challenge

Dr. Weber was a Councilmember for the city of La Mesa and was now running for the State Assembly. During both elections, we were tasked with creating a website that reflected and built her brand, while refreshing and modernizing each campaign and highlighting her accomplishments, goals, and priorities as a La Mesa City Councilmember and California State Assemblymember. Additionally, we needed to integrate two systems by connecting the campaign’s volunteer engagement website on the NationBuilder platform with our WordPress-based site.

Our Approach

With each of her campaigns, we took the branding and work that we had done previously and refreshed it to reflect Dr. Weber’s new vision and evolving brand. Dr. Weber’s Volunteer Team was eager to use NationBuilder to build their volunteer network, so we designed the website with a clear userpath for volunteers to sign up by email or phone. This required us to also consider seamlessly integrating her official campaign website (built on WordPress) so visitors would travel through each platform easily.

The Impact

Since the launch of the latest website in February 2021, we received a 508% increase in website traffic from potential voters, media, and volunteers. Visitors and potential voters were able to get all the information they needed and volunteers were able to engage with the campaign easily. The volunteer team obtained the contact information for hundreds of people looking to support Dr. Akilah Weber now and into the future.