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Akilah Weber

Dr. Akilah Weber

Case Study

Role: Campaign Manager/General and Digital Consultant

Deliverables: Comprehensive campaign strategy, mail program, digital advertising, text message program, social media management, website design.

The Outcome: Elected Dr. Akilah Weber to La Mesa City Council and then State Assembly

The Challenge

When Dr. Akilah Weber declared her candidacy for La Mesa City Council in 2018, she was running against an incumbent and needed assistance and a strategy to win in November. She ran for the State Assembly in a quick 65-day special election when the seat became vacant in 2021.

Our Approach

In 2018, we began developing Dr. Akilah Weber’s campaign strategy by assessing her current brand, previous voter engagement and turnout, and the larger field. Once our strategy was clear, we created a multi-platform, multi-medium voter communications program that allowed us to target voters across a variety of different channels. 

This comprehensive communications program enabled us to deliver our message to the same people through multiple touchpoints (text messages, digital advertising, mailbox, door knocking). This overlapping approach allowed us also to deliver an evolving message and develop a real relationship with the voters.

After serving on La Mesa City Council for two years, Dr. Weber decided to run for State Assembly when the seat became vacant. Due to the 65-day special election, we jumped right into work building on our foundation from her previous campaign. 

With the infrastructure from 2018 already established, we reactivated it. This foundation served us well as the Covid-19 limited traditional field strategies so the campaign relied on digital campaign tactics. As in 2018, Dr. Weber’s website became the foundation for a multi-touchpoint communications program that featured social media, digital advertising, text messaging, and phone calls.

In 2018, gained more votes than all incumbents

In 2021, gained ~52% of the votes in the primary election

Won both City Council and State Assembly races

Built infrastructure for future

The Impact

In 2018, Dr. Akilah Weber was elected to La Mesa City Council, knocking out the incumbent and gaining more votes than all the incumbents in this vote for two race. 

In 2021, Dr. Weber gained ~52% of the votes in a contested 5-candidate primary election. As a result of getting more than 50% of the votes, Dr. Weber eliminated the need for the general election and was immediately sworn in to represent the 79th Assembly District.  


Video of Dr. Akilah Weber
video of Akilah Weber supporter
Video of Dr. Akilah Weber for La Mesa City Council
Video of Dr. Rodney and Robin Hood supporting Akilah Weber for State Assembly