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Case Study


Role: Digital Advertising Strategist 

Deliverables: Design, implement, and optimize ongoing digital advertising campaigns (Display, Video, Search, Social).

The Outcome:  Generated millions in direct online sales and increased the company’s ROAS to 5X.

The Challenge

Ozobot innovatives STEAM education tools for the classroom and the home. With the launch of Ozobot Classroom, the company was looking to expand sales reach into schools all over the country. This required Ozobot to shift its e-commerce strategy to include a B2B strategy.

Our Approach

We started the planning process with Ozobot by doing an audit of all previous and current programs across Google, Bing, and Facebook’s Ad networks and interviewing staff about previous program goals, objectives, and outcomes. Once we had a sense of what they had done before, our team designed an approach that evolved their program by refining their target audiences, redesigning their sales funnel, making creative content recommendations, and proposing new and innovative outreach techniques. One such innovative outreach technique included Ozobot’s first livestream product launch, Ozobot Classroom, to simulcast on YouTube, Facebook, and the Amazon store. Furthermore, our 22-month program with Ozobot bridged multiple back to school and Black Friday holiday sales.

Increased the company's ROAS to 5X

Designed a marketing funnel that cross-pollinated Google and social media

Generated millions in direct online sales

Created first-ever livestream product launch

The Impact

Our more than half a million-dollar advertising program and helped the company with placing, optimizing, and targeting their creative content across various online platforms. As a result, we drove product interest from over a million highly targeted prospects resulting in customer leads and millions in direct online sales. The ISTE livestreams alone generated a significant increase in the company’s Amazon and Shopify store.