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David Alvarez in Chicano Park

Councilmember David Alvarez

Case Study

Role: Digital Communications Director

Deliverables: Increased brand identity, website, digital advertising, graphics design, videography.

The Outcome: Significant increase in website traffic, engagement audience grew to more than 20,000 people, and direct marketing email list grew by more than 5,000 people. 

The Challenge

David Alvarez served as San Diego City Councilmember from 2010 to 2018. As his tenure was coming to its end, he wanted to highlight and preserve the accomplishments he made in the district he represented.

Our Approach

We worked with the Councilmember and his communication’s team to identify his biggest accomplishments across five key areas (environment, housing security, economic development, community improvement, and education and art). 

Next, we designed a multi-channel communications and marketing program around the key areas and the Councilmember’s accomplishments. 

We redesigned the Councilmember’s website making it the foundation of his narrative and the inbound destination for our entire communications program. The website included memos, press releases, and articles that were published during his tenure.

The program didn’t rely only on official documents, we also captured the constituent perspective by interviewing community members and key stakeholders. After interviewing over 50 community members and the Councilmember’s staff, we compiled a video series covering all five focus areas. This series really personalized the actions the Councilmember had taken during his eight years in office.

Once the website was finished, we developed a multi-channel communications program targeted at the Councilmember’s constituents, his online platforms, and his cultivated email list. Overall this program was distributed via social media, printed collateral, online advertising, email, and livestream events.

Videos seen by over 51,000 targeted people

Engagement audience grew +20,000

Email list grew to +5,000

Significant increase in website traffic

The Impact

The program focused on building the Councilmember’s brand via a strong narrative deployed to a geo-fenced audience through an engagement funnel. This resulted in a significant increase in traffic to the Councilmember’s website and amplification of the Councilmember’s organic programs. The series of videos deployed as an engagement funnel were seen by over 51,000 targeted people. During the program, the Councilmember’s engagement audience grew to more than 20,000 and his direct marketing email list grew by more than 5,000. 

After the Councilmember retired from the City Council in 2018, he has returned back to his roots as a community activist and organizer.

David Alvarez at a community event
Colin Parent talking about David Alavrez